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Your child's school life is incredibly important to their upbringing and formation, which is why it is necessary that you have a good rapport with their teachers. After all, you will need to work with them to aid in your child's academic success. To that end, read this post to learn tips on how to establish a positive parent-teacher relationship this new school year.

How to Establish a Parent-Teacher Relationship

Start By Introducing Yourself

First things first, introduce yourself. It can be hard to build a relationship with someone if you don't even know their name. Share your name and contact information with the teacher, and ask for theirs, so you can get in touch with each other if it's ever needed.

Communicate With Them

It is important to keep the communication channels open in this relationship so that you can both help your child as much as possible. For that reason, you should swap information with them; tell them about your child's strengths and weaknesses, for example. As the year progresses, remember to ask about your child's behavior and efforts in class.


A parent who is involved with their child's education and the school's activities can be of great assistance. That's why you should be there for any meetings you can, attend your child's presentations, and help out with any school functions or activities (whenever possible).

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